I'm Tim Davis,

— a full-stack designer, leader and mentor nurturing people and teams toward great outcomes.

I'm a designer based in Melbourne, Australia. As a consultant, my role requires me to lead strategic design projects for various clients. With every new client I discover unique challenges and opportunities. Hence, I've learned to work fast and deliver value faster. I also have a wealth of experience in mentoring colleagues and managing teams.

I've been in the design game for closer to 20 years! Over this time I've become an expert in design systems, accessibility and product strategy. Even so, I identify as a proud design generalist... The value I bring is in end-to-end design thinking - I can drop in to any team or project of any maturity and start contributing right away.

View my case studies of recent and previous projects.

Here are my values, principles and how I like to contribute...

Bring humour, energy and a spirit of genuine collaboration to everything I do.

Design for accessibility as foundation within every project. Build better, for humans, through design and technology.

Communicate creative, technical and commercial concepts to any audience, at any level.

Stimulate ideas through honesty and equality. Good ideas can come from anybody.

Lead and take responsibility with courage and tenacity to get things done.

Help others to realise their potential, beyond their own expectations, quickly and purposefully.